In His Presence


Written by Faith Kula (Leader; Outreach Projects)

Have a good relationship with God in every area of your life. Have quiet times with him and ask him what you want and be Specific. When praying to him, put a chair as if you are talking with your friend or your parent. The more time you spend with him the less your problems.

Talking from experience, I at once lived in the ways of the world, not knowing what is right or wrong, but the minute I received Christ I knew I had a friend in him. I lost friends and family members of course even my own flesh and blood. I thought I was doing something wrong by worshiping God. But my Jesus never said goodbye, even when I lose hope he always reaches out and picks me up.  I am so grateful to God for the second chance in life and he has promise me honey, I know better not to give up in life, life is a challenge and I believe I am saved because God has a Greater plan for his children. My brother and sister never give up on God because he can see all our needs, be patient and you will be next in JESUS NAME.

I love my God because he listens to my cry and he wipes away my tears when I cry at night with no one by my side even my husband not there to talk too. But I know he is my everything. If we can try to have a relationship with the Father I promise you nothing is impossible with him.

Have FAITH, LOVE and HOPE but the greatest them of all is LOVE, am telling you, you will never go wrong. In Jesus Name ‘Amen’


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